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Strategic Plan1995-2000
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           In 1997, the Collegeís Executive Committee approved the MDC Strategic Plan.  This Plan reflected two years of discussion and input by College personnel and was approved by the Executive Committee and the District Board of Trustees.  Several steps were taken as part of the Strategic Planning process.

            The first step taken was to solicit input from College personnel regarding the identification of critical issues.  These critical issues, which became the District Presidentís Work Plan, were identified: Institutional Morale/Communication, Funding, Technology, Occupational Training and Organizational Re-engineering. 

            The second step was the development of the Vision Statement.  The Vision Statement was written at a retreat held for senior managers and articulates the commitment to developing satisfied, well prepared students; empowered employees; a supportive community and the effective use of resources. 

            Using the College Mission Statement (rewritten during the SACS Self-Study and approved by the District Board of Trustees) and the Vision Statement, eight Strategic Goals were identified.  Objectives were developed from the initiatives identified in the first and second steps and were linked to the Strategic Goals.  Outcome measures (specific criteria to measure achievement) were developed using State Accountability measures and were linked to the objectives.

            The College-wide Technology Committee, and the Re-engineering and Education Review projects began to implement the District Presidentís Work Plan, the Vision Statement and Goals.  This was step three in the development of the Strategic Plan.  The Technology Committee was charged with developing a Master Plan to provide appropriate technology tools to students, faculty and staff.  The Re-engineering Project reviewed the areas of Human Resource Development, Planning and Budgeting, and Facilities Maintenance.  The Education Review project, building on the recommendations from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) Self-Study, focused upon Transfer Preparation, Occupational Education and Student Flow.  These initiatives were undertaken to address issues identified in steps one and two.

            In addition to these college-wide plans, campuses and District areas began holding meetings to develop goals and performance measures.

            The MDC Strategic Plan was developed to formalize these initiatives and incorporate campus and college objectives.  The Executive Committee approved this plan in Spring, 1997.

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