Strategic Plan

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Internal Assessment TECHNOLOGY
Driving Forces Implications for Miami Dade
The new consortium software will change all of our major screens, storage methods, and eliminate many paper transactions. There are major training, interface, and implementation issues, as well as maintenance and modifications required. Some work processes may need to be rethought and redesigned.
The College-wide Technology Committee is developing a set of comprehensive recommendations. Moving forward in technology will produce some discomfiture for employees. Training and infrastructure needs must be addressed. Distribution of resources and personnel may need review.
Vocational program development will generate additional demand for technology. Training and infrastructure needs must be addressed.
Lack of resources and training in technology, plus unreliable systems has led to skepticism on the part of employees regarding the benefits of technology. This must be addressed, and resources devoted to training, support, and maintenance if we are to proceed with the major initiatives noted here.

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