The Miami Dade College 2000-2005 Strategic Plan began with the College mission, vision, and priorities identified by employees. College leadership then identified eleven Areas of Emphasis for the Plan and goals for each area. Once this was accomplished, the 2000-2005 Strategic Plan was presented to and approved by the Miami Dade College Board of Trustees in January of 2000.

During 2000-2001, the Welfare-to-Work Area of Emphasis was sunsetted and a new Area of Emphasis -Enrollment Management- was added. Additionally, the "Transfer and Honors" Area of Emphasis was separated and broadened to encompass all of general education and the Honors College.

The 2000-2005 Strategic Plan was sunsetted at the end of 2003 as most of the goals were accomplished. The areas of emphasis on the left are linked to cumulative accomplishments.

Last updated: 11/01/2003