Students writing


What is QEP?

"QEP" stands for "Quality Enhancement Plan." Our College is required by SACS (MDC's accrediting body) to choose a five-year project that will enhance the quality of our students' education. 

What is our QEP title?

Our QEP title is "Do the Write Thing!"

What is our QEP topic?

Our QEP topic is Writing for the Real World: Strengthening Writing and Career Knowledge.

What is our goal?

Our goal is to enhance our students' workforce readiness through the skill of writing.

This QEP will increase students' preparation and competitiveness as they enter a workforce where effective writing skills are in high demand.

Studies demonstrate that students with strong writing skills are far more competitive in both the job market and as graduate and professional school candidates. Do the Write Thing will help our students be more competitive, more competent and better prepared for long term success.