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Ninón Rodriguez
Teaching area: Humanities

Ninón Lavernia Rodríguez holds a Master of Arts degree in English and American Literature from the University of Miami., where she completed the coursework for her ABD (all but dissertation). She had earlier studied at the University of Chicago, where she had earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Romance Languages and Literature. A product of cross-cultural, interdisciplinary education, Ms. Rodríguez began her teaching career at MDC's Medical Center Campus, where she taught English Composition and Humanities until 1996.

She then transferred to the Wolfson Campus, where she continued to teach both disciplines until 1998 when she transferred to the Department of Arts and Philosophy. Ms. Rodriguez is the recipient of two Learning Innovation Grants: one for creating a Humanities Website, the other for designing a Humanities/English Composition Learning Community.

A globe-trotting academic, Ms. Rodriguez frequently travels around the world visiting important art repositories and participating at a variety of cultural gatherings. Consequently, her travels to celebrated centers of international culture have provided a rich resource for her classroom activities.

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