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Ph.D. Columbia University, Counseling Psychology
M.Phil. Columbia University, Counseling Psychology
Ed.S. University of Florida, Counselor Education (Community Mental Health)
M.Ed. University of Florida, Counselor Education (Community Mental Health)
B.S. University of Florida, Psychology
A.S. University of Florida, Mathematics


Harvard Fellow; Harvard Medical School, Sept 2003-Aug 2004.
Johns Hopkins Fellow; Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, June 2001-Sept 2003.
Columbia Fellow, Teachers College, Columbia University. Full academic scholarship, Bilingual Education, Aug 1990-May 1994.
Predoctoral Psychology Intern; University of Miami School of Medicine, June 1994-June 1995.
Psychology Intern; Columbia University; Center for Psychological Services, Sept 1993-June 1994. 
Psychology Extern; Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center, Jan 1991-May 1991.
Counseling Intern; Mental Health Services, Inc., Jan 1985-May 1985.
Counseling Practicum; Alachua County Crisis Center, Aug 1984-Dec 1984.
Counseling Practicum; Health and Rehabilitative Services, Aug 1982-Dec 1982.


Rosado, J., Walsh, S., Bigelow, G., & Strain, E. C. (2007). Sublingual buprenorphine/naloxone precipitated withdrawals in subjects maintained on 100 mg of daily methadone. Drug and Alcohol Dependence, 90 (2-3), 261-269.
Witkower, A., & Rosado, J. (2005). Cognitive-Behavioral therapy in cardiac rehabilitation. In W. Frishman, M. Weintraub, & M. Micozzi (Eds.), Cardiac illness: Integrative treatment and prevention. Philadelphia, PA: Elsevier, Inc.
Rosado, J., Sigmon, S. C., Jones, H. E., & Stitzer, M. L. (2005). Cash value of voucher reinforcers in pregnant drug-dependent women. Experimental and Clinical Psychopharmacology, 13 (1), 41-47.
Rosado, J., Strain, E. C., Walsh, S. L., & Bigelow, G. E. (2004, June). Assessing buprenorphine/naloxone’s withdrawal precipitation potential in methadone maintained volunteers. Drug and Alcohol Dependence: An International Journal on Biomedical and Psychosocial Approaches.
Jones, H., Sivis, D., Rosado, J., Tuten, M., & Kulstad, J. L. (2004). "What if they do not want treatment?": Lessons learned from intervention studies of nontreatment seeking drug using pregnant women. American Journal of Addictions, 13 (4), July-September, 342-357.
Rosado, J., Jones, I-I., Stitzer, M., & Vaidya, V. (2003, June). Comparing the perceived value of vouchers, gift certificates, and cash incentives in pregnant drug dependent women. Drug and Alcohol Dependence: An International Journal on Biomedical and Psychosocial Approaches, 6-7.
Rosado, J., Jones, H., Stitzer, M. (2002, June). Perceived value voucher versus cash incentives. Drug and Alcohol Dependence: An International Journal on Biomedical and Psychosocial Approaches, 66 (1), S 150.
Shaw, J. A., Lewis, J. E., Loeb, A., Rosado, J., & Rodriguez, R. A. (2001). comparison of Hispanic and African-American sexually abused girls and their families. Child Abuse and Neglect, 25, 1363-1379.
Shaw, J. A., Lewis, J. E., Loeb, A., Rosado, J., & Rodriguez, R. A. (2000). Child child sexual abuse: Psychological perspectives. Journal of Child Abuse and Neglect. 24 (12), 1591-1600.

Presentations/Public Speaking:

TV 41   GenTV, TV America --Topic: “How to Talk to Children and Adolescents About Sex”
TV 23   Univision, En Neustra Communidades.--Topic: “Bullying in Our Schools”

Academic/Research Interests:

Counseling Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Addictions and Mental Health, Research Methods

Courses Taught:

CLP 1006         Psychology of Personal Effectiveness
DEP 2000         Human Growth & Development
CLP 2140          Abnormal Psychology
PSY 2012          Introduction to Psychology
HUS 2303         Counseling Techniques



James Rosado, Ph.D.
Professor, Psychology


Office: 3506-9

Phone: (305) 237-3272


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