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Dean Judy Schmelzer

Our mission is to make parking more convenient, safe and hassle-free for the campus community. This can only be achieved, however, with the cooperation of our entire campus community. Through fostering partnerships with the community, the Parking & Traffic Department is dedicated to promoting an atmosphere, which reinforces the academic mission of the college.

Wilfredo Zarrabeitia

Wilfredo Zarrabeitia
Parking Garage Specialist
Office: 305-237-3423
      Hours: Mon thru Fri: 6:00 am - 11:00 pm
      Main Office: 305-237-3420
      Hours: Sat: 6:00 am - 7:00 pm
      Fax: 305-628-3415
      Hours: Sundays: CLOSED
      Room: 7A40
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      • ID Parking Decal


Our parking Garage Safety is everyone's concern; therefore, we are counting on faculty, students and staff to follow the guidelines, rules and regulations to prevent crime and accidents.  In addition to this page, Crime Prevention, Safety and Security, Rules and Regulations brochures are available at the Administrative Office in the Parking Garage. Below are some tips to observe for your safety.

  • Never leave personal belongings unattended

  • Keep your valuables out of sight and reach.

  • In order for people not to know where your valuables are, secure them before coming into the Garage.

  • Report every suspicious activity on Campus, even if you are not the victim.  Security dispatcher# 305-237-3100 or use blue light phones.

  • Lock your car and keep your keys in a safe place.

  • Report lost or stolen properties immediately.  The faster you report, the better the chances to recover them.

  • Stay alert and tuned into your surroundings.  Be aware who is around and prepared to react accordingly.

  • If you are a victim of a crime, please report it immediately to the Security Office.

  • Drive slowly and follow the Rules and Directions of Parking & Traffic Personnel




These regulations are in effect during ALL HOURS of garage operation and they apply equally to all STUDENTS, FACULTY, STAFF, and VISITORS.

  • MDC Card or validated schedule must be present upon entering the garage.  The validated schedule will be accepted until the last day of 100% refund.  After the deadline, ONLY valid cards will open the gates.

  • Visitors or individuals parking at the garage must show a voucher from proper department before entering the garage.

  • All non-visitor vehicles must have a valid MDC parking decal prominently displayed on the rear bumper or rear window of the vehicle.  Decals available free of charge at Campus Services for faculty and staff; for Students in Room 2101.

  • Observe the posted speed limit of 5MPH at all times. 

  • Always observe and obey all directional and stop signage.  Drive only in the direction of the posted traffic flow.  Do not drive against traffic. 

  • Handicapped spaces are reserved for vehicles with the proper disabled vehicle permits and are available on every floor.  Violators are subjects to municipal parking citations.

  • Observe and obey the directions of security officer and parking attendants at all times.

  • No overnight parking is permitted without prior approval.  Any unauthorized vehicle left in the facility overnight may be towed at owner's expense.

  • Watch for PEDESTRIAN TRAFFIC when driving through the garage. Pedestrians have the right-of -way.

  • Park within marked stalls ONLY.

  • No consumption of food or drinks allowed in the garage at any time.

  • Park head-in only; do not back in the space.

  • Do not use flashers for temporary parking.

  • No double parking is permitted; please don't block the flow of traffic.

  • No Skateboards are permitted in the garage at any time.

  • Do not attempt to enter through the exists.

  • Pedestrians exiting the garage should use the elevators on N.E. Second Avenue or N.E. Fifth Street.

  • Pedestrians exiting the garage should walk to the corners and utilize the crosswalks and crossing light to cross the city streets.
  • In case of fire, power shut down, or other emergency situation. please follow the building alarm instructions and security personnel by using the stairs, and NOT the elevator/escalators.
  • Parking is at the sole risk of staff, faculty, student, and visitor.  The College accepts no responsibility for damage, loss,  or theft to your vehicles or contents.
  •  Take a minute or two to make sure you locked your vehicle correctly and all property is safely put away.  Make sure you have your keys before locking your vehicle.


The College has recently adopted new policies and procedures stipulating that valid parking decals must be placed on the rear of the vehicles in order to gain entry into the parking facilities. The Campus will begin enforcing this policy. Listed below are the main points of a Warning System that will be used in the enforcement of the new parking decal policy:

  • First Warning: A notice will be placed on the windshield of the vehicle and the tag recorded into a database.  The notice will instruct students and staff where to obtain the parking decals.
  • Second Warning: A notice will be placed on the windshield of the vehicle and the tag recorded into a database.  The notice will instruct the owner that a boot will be placed on the vehicle if a third offense occurs.
  • Third Warning: (Action) A boot will be placed on the vehicle so that it is immobilized or the vehicle may be towed.  If the vehicle is booted ($25.00 to remove the boot), directions will be placed on the windshield explaining the procedures to remove the boot.  If it is towed, instructions on how to retrieve the vehicle will be in the Parking Garage Office.

In addition, when parking in the garage, please follow the rules and regulations in order to have a safe parking environment. Also, remember that the instructions of security officers and parking attendants must be followed at all times.

Thank you for parking at Miami Dade College, Wolfson Campus.


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