Adult Basic Education (ABE)

Adult Education Programs

Procedures for Testing and Placement Criteria for Adult Education Programs

Students enrolled in an Adult Basic Education (ABE), General Education Development (GED), and English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) programs must be pre and post-tested with SBOE designated assessments. Exceptions may be made for students who are unable to understand or respond to the test due to low literacy, or due to disability. A pretest must be administered within the first twelve (12) hours of instruction.

Students without sufficient English proficiency are referred to the Adult English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) program.

Adult Education programs include:

Placement Guide for Adult Basic Education (ABE)

MDC administers TABE Forms 11 and 12 with locator. The TABE retesting guidelines below are followed for the Adult Basic Education (ABE) program.

  • Students post-testing in ABX 0140, ABX 0240 and ABX 0340, must take TABE levels "D" or "A".
  • Completion of a prescribed remediation program consisting of at least 50 hours of instruction for levels 1-4 and 30 hours for levels 5-6 is required prior to retesting with a minimum 30-day period between retests. Note: Most MDC adult education classes require at least 60 hours of instruction.
  • The same TABE Form and Level should not be administered within a six-month period. Remediation should include at least 40 hours of instruction between pre/and post-testing, using an alternate version of the TABE and at least 120 hours of instruction when using the same level and same form. If no formal instruction is provided or documented, six months should elapse when using the same level, same form.
  • Post-testing must only be used for a promotion to a new level or retention in the same level.

In-Range Scores

When a test administration results in a score, including those that begin with a "+" or "-", that is within the allowable range for the Test Level and Form, the score is reported with a "0" in the first field followed by the three digit score. Students with an in-range high score (+) may be retested one time with a higher TABE Level without being assessed a retesting fee or placed in the highest valid level for the TABE level test.

Out-of-Range (OOR) Score (Low)

When a test administration results in a score that is lower than the allowable range for the Test Level and Form, and no score is provided or the score indicates a score of N/A, the score is reported with a "1" followed by the lowest score value for the TABE Level and Form. To assist with determining the correct out of range scores to report, refer to Appendix H (TABE Out-of- Range (Low) Score Reported and Re-testing Guide). If there is a difference in the lowest score value between the paper-based test and the online test, the lowest score possible between the two versions is reported. Students with an out-of-range low or no score must be retested one time with a lower TABE Level no sooner than the next day and prior to enrollment or by the 100% refund date for the adult education term without being assessed a retesting fee. If the retest results in another OOR score, place student into the lowest valid level of the lower TABE level test. Note: Levels L and E do not have an OOR Low score.

The ABE Course Placement Guide is used for placement in the ABE program.

Course Placement Guide: ABE
Skill Area TABE 11 & 12 Scale Scores Literacy Completion Point Course Placement
Math 300-448 A ABX 0110 - Beginning ABE Literacy
449-495 B ABX 0120 - Beginning Basic Education
496-536 C ABX 0130 - Low Intermediate Basic Education
537-595 D ABX 0140 - High Intermediate Basic Education
Reading 300-441 E ABX 0210 - Beginning ABE Literacy
442-500 F ABX 0220 - Beginning Basic Education
501-535 G ABX 0230 - Low Intermediate Basic Education
536-575 H ABX 0240 - High Intermediate Basic Education
Language 300-457 J ABX 0310 - Beginning ABE Literacy
458-510 K ABX 0320 - Beginning Basic Education
511-546 M ABX 0330 - Low Intermediate Basic Education
547-583 L ABX 0340 - High Intermediate Basic Education