ESOL Program

Adult Education Programs

Procedures for Testing and Placement Criteria for Adult Education Programs

Students enrolled in an Adult Basic Education (ABE), General Education Development (GED), and English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) programs must be pre and post-tested with SBOE designated assessments. Exceptions may be made for students who are unable to understand or respond to the test due to low literacy, or due to disability. A pretest must be administered within the first twelve (12) hours of instruction.

Students without sufficient English proficiency are referred to the Adult English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) program.

Adult Education programs include:

Placement Guide for English Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) Program

The Adult Education ESOL Program includes ESOL, and EL/Civics classes. For these classes, students adhere to the same exam requirements as follows:

  • MDC administers the Comprehensive Adult Student Assessment System (CASAS) - Life and Work 80 Reading Series and the 980 Listening forms for ESOL, and EL/Civics courses.
  • Prior to administration of the CASAS, the Oral Screening is administered to all incoming students to determine whether CASAS Form 981 or 983 will be used as the pre-test. The oral screening questions are included in a Technical Assistance Paper titled English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL). Students who answer ALL oral screening questions correctly are tested on Form 983. For each of the six questions on the Oral Screening, a student can earn zero to two points. For accurate placement at the conclusion of the Oral Screening, please refer to the chart below:
    Oral Screening Guide – ESOL Program
    Oral Screening Results Action to be taken
    0-5 points scored Refer to a literacy program
    6-11 points scored Pretest on Form 981
    12 points scored  Pretest on Form 983
  • Students sign a departmental form which indicates that they have read and understood the procedures outlined below and receive a referral to take the CASAS entrance exam.
  • In order for students to be eligible to register for an ESOL class, they must correctly answer a minimum of five (5) questions in Reading and five (5) questions in Listening.
  • Students who do not answer five (5) questions correctly in a section will be required to repeat that section.
  • Students must earn valid scores (170 or above on Form 981 or 186 or above on Form 983) to be placed.
  • Students without valid scores need to retest no sooner than the next day and prior to enrollment or by the 100% refund date for the adult education term. These students may retest once on initial placement without being assessed a retesting fee.
  • Initial placement and advancement is based on the lower of the two (reading and listening) valid scores. The Adult Education CASAS Post-Testing Chart is used for ESOL promotion assessment purposes (Appendix G).
  • CASAS pre and post-test scores are valid for a period of one year.
    • Continuing students who stop out for a period of four (4) months up to one year must retake the CASAS pretest if it is recommended by a program advisor. No retesting fee will be assessed. If more than one year has passed, a retesting fee will be assessed.
    • New students who did not previously register with test scores of more than one year must retake the CASAS pretest. A retesting fee will be assessed.
  • Eligible students who do not meet the minimum placement criteria in the ESOL Course Placement Guide will be referred to other programs offered by the College [Refugee/Entrant Vocational Education Services Training (REVEST), non-credit Intensive English, etc.] or to programs offered by Miami-Dade County Public Schools.
Course Placement Guide - ESOL
Skill Area CASAS Reading Score Reading LCP CASAS Listening Score Listening LCP Course Placement 
Beginning ESL Literacy
Level 1
<181 M 169-180 G EDU 057
Low Beginning ESOL
Level 2
181-190 N 181-189 H EDU 059
High Beginning ESOL
Level 3
191-200 P 190-199 I EDU 060
Low Intermediate ESOL
Level 4
201-210 R 200-209 J EDU 061
High Intermediate ESOL
Level 5
211-220 S 210-218 K EDU 062
Low Advanced ESOL
Level 6
221-235 T 219-227 L EDU 058

Table notes:

  • Students must be literate in their native language.
  • EDU 061, EDU 062 and EDU 058 are used for EL/Civics and outreach classes.
  • Refer students who score 218 on the Listening pre-test to form 985 for a retest without a fee.
  • Placement will be based on the LOWER of the two scores.

Transitioning from the Adult Education ESOL Program

  • High Advanced ESOL (EDU 064) can be taken following ESOL advanced courses.
  • High Advanced ESOL (EDU 064) does not have a post-test. Exit is determined by completion of competencies and passing the instructor prepared exit exam.
  • Students transitioning from Low Advanced ESOL (EDU 058) and High Advanced ESOL (EDU 064) to other programs are tested following the procedures of their new selected program.