Accelerate, Retain, Complete with Opportunities and Support

Professor gives lecture in large auditorium filled with students

A series of STEM Workshops are offered every fall and spring terms to enhance academic engagement and exposure to fields in STEM. These academic experiences are offered beyond the classroom to connect students to the campus’ STEM community and to a network of STEM professionals and researchers who participate in some of these activities. The following describes some of our exciting offerings:

ARCOS Welcome Event – This event allows new students starting in the fall term to join the STEM community and to meet the faculty, staff, and Peer Academic Leaders. Students additionally learn about the various services and opportunities our program offers.

STEM COI Kick-Off events – a Kick-off offers practical skills students can apply to be successful in the pursuit of a STEM degree.

Academic/STEM Workshops – These workshops consist of “STEMinars” and “STEM Coffee Hours”. Professionals in STEM fields present interesting topics and ideas during STEMinars. For STEM Coffee Hour, students have the opportunity to network with the STEM Community sharing coffee and ideas.

Career/Internship Preparedness/Transfer Workshops – These workshops offer valuable information to prepare students for a STEM career and to learn how to successfully transfer to an institution of their choice.

STEM Field Trips – Students have the opportunity to experience various industries and witness how STEM professionals apply science and technology to their fields.