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Frida: living pain through art

Julie Taymors "Frida" captures the troubled life of a Mexican artist fighting all obstacles. Frida, played by Salma Hayek, lives through one tragedy after another, from a trolley crash to a disloyal husband. Never letting any thing keep her down Frida shows the world her visions through art; displaying pain that most will never know. Her artistic expression helped her through any pain whether physical, emotional or the pain from society disapproval.

Frida's first experience of real pain is a trolley crash where a pole impales her from her back through her vagina. Nobody expects her to walk again but her will to live overcomes her pain and she eventually walks. This first incident leads to her outlet, art, as well as to a miscarriage. After the miscarriage she keeps the embryo and displays it to influence her paintings. She uses art to show visions she has while in the worst pain. After painting her first pieces in the hospital bed she requests a critique of the paintings, to see if they are worth selling, from her future love.

Diego, Frida's new husband only created more pain in her life. He cheated on her constantly effecting her very little until she sleeps with her sister. Though he helped her with getting her art sold the pain he caused well overcame the happiness. Once again Frida used her art as an outlet for her pain and made it through every affair. Diego also brought on a new kind of pain by bringing her into a new society to be judged by many strangers when she already had her fair share of critics.

Societies first judgement comes from her family because her attitude separates her from the common teenager like dressing like a man for a family photo. She is also judged because of her marriage with Diego due to his reputation of affairs. Because of the previous affairs she is told not to marry by one of Diegos two ex-wives but she surpasses these wishes and takes a risk with her new love. Frida takes herself with her husband to big art shows that she doesn't enjoy so her new husband and her have a chance at real success outside of mexico. Her art mentally removes her from the hurt of society and essentially opens her sole for the world to see.

The story of Fridas life has inspired me to find my own outlet for stress just like art was for her. "Frida" a story of a Mexican painter who finds a cure to all her pain through expression in art. She shows her strength, forgiveness, love and true perserverance through life's obstacles to everyone who cares to watch. Her physical, emotional and mental pain leaves her in a way that seems to be achieved by only her allowing the true artist to show.