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From the Bottom Up

The movie The Harmonists shows the determination and drive that these young men had in order to make it to the top of the charts. Throughout their journey, these men exercised patience, mental courage and the gift of making one laugh.

All of the men had one goal in common. They wanted to become well known. They were tired of living like paupers in a city with so much promise. There were times when the harmonists were in doubt about their careers. However they did not let their current situation dictate the rest of their lives. They had to exercise patience. When they rushed to perform in front of an agent, they were denied. However, they practiced even harder. Finally their time had come and they became a force to be reckoned with singing all over Berlin, and the United States.

Along with the patience that the harmonists demonstrated, they also exhibited mental courage. During the height. of their careers the Harmonists began to get threats from the Nazis. At first they were told not to do songs written by Jews. Even so, they believe their reputation will provide them with protection. First their were restrictions and later cancellations of concerts prevented them from finding an audience in Germany for their work. At the end of a thriving touring in the United States they question themselves about returning to Germany, but they decide to go back where loved ones were. In 1934, the group is banned from performing in public. The Nazis strongly suggest that the Aryan members of the group should reconstruct without the the Jewish members. Nevertheless the Harmonists gave a spectacular performance in front of a group of Nazi soldiers.

This movie greatly illustrates the undeniable talent that these young men had; the talent of making one laugh. All across Berlin this sextet were unbelievable. They sold out concerts due their harmonious voices and songs of humor. Close to the end of the story the Harmonists received a standing ovation from a crowd which is included Nazi members.

In conclusion The Harmonists were a group of singers who rose to the top despite their humble beginnings. During their journey to the top they displayed patience, mental courage and the gift of making one laugh.