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Mrs. Dalloway: Accepting her way.

In Mrs. Dalloway is shown that, even for the upper class of society, their life have as many complications as from anyone. Set in summer of 1923, this story has as the main character Mrs. Clarissa Dalloway. As secondary characters are Septimus Smith, Peter Walsh, Sally Seton and Richard Dalloway. Their roles develop whether in Clarissa's memory or in her party. They film takes a whole day in which every feature of the characters is released by flashes. Mrs. Dalloway is an elderly woman who has a complex, but semi-balance internal and external life. This is what the film is all about. It displays how her actual life could be affected and makes her doubt about her current life.

Clarissa and Septimus experience confusion when they remember past episodes, sometimes of themselves or with other characters. Mrs. Dalloway is married with Richard. at times Clarissa overlays her past and present. Memories come out in many situations. There is also her uncomfortable situation in which there are the unconditional love of Richard, the remembrance of her past lifestyle tje years previous the WWI and her deep hidden love for Peter. Septimus, a veteran of War World I, live in his internal world. He wanders in the external world sometimes talking with his dead friend Evans.

As a consequence, both characters reveal their emptiness of their lives. The decisions Clarissa made had shaped her, thus she got used to not let go her doubts and feeling. One of them is the marriage with Richard instead of Peter. This is a good example of the sacrifice of passion for safety and calm from Peter and Richard respectively. Similarly, Mr. Smith affronted one difficult situation. On one handm the order of the doctor to send him to a mental institution because of him fails attempts of suicide. On the otherm Septimus and Clarissa share many characteristics. Both of them have beak noses, likeness for Shakespeare and in someway they fear oppression from the external world. Their thoughts are alike and this decreases the line between what is sanity and madness.

In the end, the new of the death of Septimus made Clarissa a bit uncomfortable. Septimus decide to get away from him problems by simple suicide. Her friend Sally was always a more of a free spirit and she showed confusion for the way of life Clarissa has taken. Mr. Peter was very unpredictable and his critical behavior distanced him from the people, he values himself though. Richard is a very comprehensible husband who loves her wife and daughter. Mrs. Dalloway finally accepts the way her life is partly because of the reflection of the deaht of Septimus,