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Belle and Troubles

The movie Beauty and The Beast by Jean Cocteau is about three sisters and one was unlike the other, her name was Belle and indeed she was. Belle was very dedicated to her father, she was very humble and she always kept her promises. Beauty and the Beast rely on magic and fantasies to come across a great ending.

Belle out of her two sisters and her brother, she was the one that worked the hardest. She cared about her father very much and as always on the lookout for him. The tale unfolds as her father comes back telling his story about a Beast he ran into when he was lost in the forest, and was asked to come back in three days to die or to sacrifice one of his daughters. Belle runs back to the forest to take his fathers penalty and the Beast immediately falls in love with her and asks her to marry him, every night she refuses, every night he insist. Belle chooses to take this to hand only because she refuses anything bad to happen to her father.

Belle was a very good daughter, if anything she was favored by her brother, his friend and her father, because unlike them two she was very humble and never tried to be something she wasn't. They weren't a rich family or good wealth but they managed day by day and her two sisters always longed to marry princess and become queens. In the meantime she stayed at the palace with Beast, she had to dine everyday at 7 and she mustn't look at him, Beast fears that she finds him repulsive and on the contrary she finds him very warmhearted, but still refuses to marry him. Although he tried many times buying her with jewelry and diamonds, she never once took the treatment for granted, and was as nice to him.

Belle always manage to keep her promises, she had saved her father from misery at the castle with Beast, and had granted her 13 days at the house with her father, and decided to stay once her sisters pleaded her too. She couldn't help but visit him in his time of need, and saw that he was dying without her around; she immediately tried to bring him back to a normal state and accomplish her goal. In the meantime, while she was grieving for him, Belles brother and his friend had come to the place to steal his riches, but his friend turned into Beast and Beast into a charming Prince. The new prince explained to her that the only way he would ever be changed back is if a pair of kind eyes looked his direction and Belles most certainly did.

In conclusion, this movie was full of magic and a little bit of spite from the wicked sisters. Belle, saved her father from trouble and sickness, she stayed true to herself and Beast and she managed to keep all her promises that contained something good in the end.