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Bride of the Wind: A Life of Heartache

Bride of the Wind is a film base on the days Alma Mahler spent living in the 1900s as a musician who can't seem to find love. Thought that she found love, Alma, marries a famous composer of the 1900s. Gusta Mahler. Throughout the years Alma overcomes many adersities where she buries her oldest child, had an affair, and can't seem to find Mr. Right.

To begin with, Alma Mahler was just a teenager when first met Gustav Mahler the 1900s composer. From there they became close and had a short courtship where Gustav asks Alma if she would be his wife. Alma didn't know what will happen once she marries Gustav but she knew she was in love with him. The Mahler's have two children, Maria and Anna. Maria died of pneumonia and Alma and Gustav was heart broken. Therefore Alma went to a treatment center so she can get well.

Secondly, while at the treatment center, Alma met and fell in love with Walter the architect and had an affair. Heartbroken, Gustav found out about the affair when Walter sent Alma a letter saying how much he miss her and that he love her. Gustav had pneumonia and he was also dying so Alma decides to stay by his bedside then to go find her love, Walter. When Gustav died Alma briefly dated Walter but the romance did not last.

Furthermore, Alma seems to have trouble finding Mr. Right. For example, after Gustav passed away Alma briefly dated Walter and later Oscar the painter. Oscar was abusive to Alma and very jealous towards Alma's late husband Gustav. Everything was about Oscar. Alma realizes she was not in love with Oscar and suggests to him that he should go to the army and fight for their country. While Oscar in the army, Alma marries her fling Walter and had a baby with him. While all of her relationships come and go the only true one was with Franz the novelist that courtship last for ten years before finally married.

In conclusions, Bride of the Wind is basically a story about Alma and her relationships and how she overcame much heartache. From losing her first child, husband, and finding true love, Alma is really hurting herself without realizing it or caring about it.