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Frida: Life through her paintings

We all live unforgettable lives, we all go through things that are life lessons to us. Frida was an exceptional woman who lived an unforgettable life. Her work as an artist became what she envisioned. Her pains is what causes her to be even stronger.

Frida went through a lot, from an accident which broke her in to two, to marrying someone who was addicted to every model he pained and ended up having sex with her sister. All this caused her to drink and paint. Through her paintings you seen pain from everything she experienced, her paintings told a story about her life.

From beginning to end Frida is face challenges that continues to bring her down, she would pick herself up but some things stop her. every time she would go through something she would drink until one day she ends up with kidney problems. But that does not stop her from her vision and from painting what she feels. In my opinion her vision was to live her life and paint what people felt and wanted to express what they could not express. Towards the end of the movie frida starts giving up, she is still strong but her conditions becomes worst where she looses her leg and starts to become more depressed and shows it in her painting. At the end she paints her self dead but on a bed of fire. This is the way she told her husband she wanted to de, burn the rest of what is left of Frida.

This movie was great it showed what many obstacles a person can go through but how you can overcome them no matter...Frida was an example of that, she went through a lot of pain in her life but still kept her vision and still knew that she was going to get her paintings across and be able to inspire many people that was around her. She spoke for many people not only herself.