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The Illusion of Lief

An illusion is something that deceives by producing a false or misleading impression of reality and in The Illusionist; the mind is often left to wonder what the "truth" or the "lies" are. The Illusions portrayed dealt with the modernist acts of Eisenheim., the Crowned Prince as the bourgeoisie and the duchess as the socialite looking for clarity. The Illusionist Eisenheim reveals many aspects of modernism, betrayal, and skepticism between himself the Crowned Prince and The Duchess.

One of the first illusions explored was modernism. Eisenheim went against the traditional views of the people in Vienna. He challenged the princes' authority on more than one occasion. The most important opposition was when eisenheim gave his version ok the King Arthur story. He performs a trick that astounds all participants because they are unable to remove a sword standing ni mid air with no support. Therefore, when the crowned prince comes over to reclaim the sword, he "the rightful owner" is unable to reclaim his own sword. It was Eisenheims' way of saying he wasn't fit to lead a country. The prince found this deeply disturbing, non-traditional use of technology was used to make a bold statement without saying two words.

Another illusion portrayed was faithfulness that was truly betrayal. It was suppose to be the Duchess and the Prince versus Eisenheim and his magic. The Duchess was to marry the Crowned Prince but once she was reunited with her childhood friend and love, it was impossible to deny the feelings she once had in her youth. The Duchess made her choice very clear, she wanted Eisenheim to be her life partner and was willing to betray the Prince. She plotted against him to fake her death and to have the Prince held responsible. That betrayal caused the Prince his life and his plan to ovetake the thrown.

The major illusion exposed was the skepticism. It was felt immediately after the death of the Duchess. The inspector, the enforcer of all things good was left to wonder did the prince actually murder his fiancee. The betrayal of the Duchess lead to the towns people wondering why he did it? How could he have? Is he capable of doing such a thing? His word was no longer trustworthy and he was no longer honorable all because he might have murdered his fiancee.

The Illusionist had many illusions. For each section of an illusion was lead to a discovery. Eisenheims' modernism lead him to make a bold statement using technology, the betrayal of the duchess strengthened Eisenheim and weekend the Prince, and the major illusion was the lack of faith from the towns people, their skepticism.