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Frida is the story of a Mexican woman, with all it means to be, and her marriage with Diego Rivera. Later they would become the attraction of the art world. The central idea of the film is demonstrate how the Frida's life experiences influenced her work. Some imporatant topics in the film are the representation of a relationship amongst individuals conflicts and their creativeness, the good and bad consequences of celebrity and how the social and political surroundings could affects her/his professional work.

Marriage is the union of two people in which they will live and grow together, and this was what Frida and Diego did. Besides their wild marriage and external affairs, they work out these problems and develop new ways to express themselves. They had a girl, Elizabeth. Frida

It is well known that the life of a celebrity is hard, and there is no reason to think that at the Frida lived it was somehow different. She met and married and famous painter. He was so famous that by the time she met him *She asked him for an opinion of her work), he was already in his second marriage. They used to travel because Diego was a important artist. Once they traveled to New York for painting for mural. He ended up having affairs with women. "It meant nothing, it had all the emotion of a handshake," he says. That led to Frida having affairs too.

The last central issue of the film, which is the picture of Frida's social and political era. From this, we can say that the affairs she had, political opinions and creative work would not have been controversial if she would not have been a woman. Certainly, this affects her, and her work. At the time the film is set, the role of a woman was different from nowadays. It shaped her and her art. For example, the miscarriage of the baby, how she met Diego, and teh affair between her husband and sister. All the feelings she get from this she expresses in her painting.

Not many married woman would say that her worst mistake in life was marring her husband, but Frida did. That was Frida, she needed to vent her feelings, and for our benefit, she did painting.