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The Illusionist

Illusionist is someone who performs magic tricks to amuse an audience. It also focuses on mind and body, where it also carries to being patience and concentration.

According to the movie Illusionist, the four main characters are Eisenheim, Sophie, Leopold, and Inspector Uhl. The origin of Eisenheim character is that he adopts magic tricks from an old man while he was walking down a road. Immediately, he began practicing these tricks everywhere he would go. In the main time while conducting one his tricks such as balancing an egg on a wood material, a young girl name Sophie got attracted from his actions and stopped her entourage before she would enter the gates of her home. Her being so interested, the next day they spent some time together teaching her tricks. For example, he makes her pick out a card from a set of deck. During this time they are in love with each other. Their origin of love began in a cave where they could not be seen where he also gave her a necklace which holds a picture of him.

Fifteen years later without Sophie because her family took her away from him inside the cave, where she was hanging with Eisenhem. At that time he decided to leave to Vienna to continue his illusion tricks. His shows were taken place in a theater which is where his shall return. One of the nights as Eisenheim begin a show, inspector Uhl invited the prince Leopold and his fiancee Sophia to a show. The illusionist Eisenheim request for someone who wasn't afraid to die and the prince volunteered Sophia to go on stage. As she approach him on stage he realizes that she looks familiar by asking her, "Do I know you?" she then replied "no". After conducting his trick, he continued to think about her, knowing that he recognizes her as his childhood friend. There was a night when Sophie went to Eisenheim home to talk about things that's was going on. Immediately she states to him, "I came here to help you". To cease this argument he kisses her and got intimate and she told your secret is safe with me. This proves even though two lovers that haven't seen each other for years, which their love for each other still exist. For example, the necklace Eisenheim gave her during the beginning of their relationship; she never took it away after fifteen years even though she later lives with Leopold as her fiance. This shows you the love someone has for their first lover never fails no matter what the situation was. Due to the affection that she has for him, she is willing to leave the prince to be with Eisenheim. For example, during the discussion between Eisenheim and Sophie he ask her if she wants to go live with him, then she agrees by telling prince Leopold that she doesn't want to marry him anymore.

After all, loving someone is a very strong action that no one can take away. Situations often come in different ways which makes you discontinue a relationship, but as for Sophie even her family is wealthy that didn't bother her to be with a poor guy the illusionist Eisenheim.