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The mission of the Campus Network Services (CNS) Department is to provide the highest standard of network service, attuned to the needs of our clients and backed by an exacting commitment to customer service. The Campus Network Services Department supports the College’s strategic commitment to promote student success through supporting and advancing information technology services in the teaching and learning environments and business processes of the College.

Helpdesk Support

If you have any issue with the functionality of a computer, have additional requirements, or simply have a question, please contact us.

Helpdesk support may be obtained in any of the ways listed below.


Phone support is available by calling:

(305) 237-4491

E-mail Helpdesk Ticket

A Network Services help desk ticket can be created by email. Please include a brief problem description to mhelpdesk@mdc.edu.

Medical Laptops

If you need laptops delivered to your classroom, please fill out the Medical Laptop Deployment Request form.

Laptop Request Form

VPN Requests

Use this form to request access to the VPN.

VPN Access Form


The CNS department will set up your computer workstation. A standard workstation set up will include a desktop computer, keyboard, mouse and single monitor. Additional peripheral devices and software need to be approved by, and paid for by the department the employee reports to. Your workstation will have the most current Windows operating system and Microsoft Office application suite, as well as other necessary applications and plugins installed and properly and configured for your use. CNS will provide a connection to MDC’s computer network backbone and internet. CNS will connect your email client (Outlook) to College email system.

Additional peripheral devices beyond the standard computer and software need to be approved by, and paid for by the department the employee reports to. After you have received verbal approval from your supervisor, you may contact CNS to request a quote. CNS will ensure the device(s) and/or software meet College standards. Your department will then use this quote to purchase the item(s) with a “technology” purchase requisition using MDConnect. The Campus CIO will be prompted by MDConnect to approve this requisition. If using a College VISA for this purchase, please make sure the total expenditure is under $1000 and it does not include computers or other computing devices which CANNOT be purchased with the College VISA. For all other items, please remember to obtain a quote from CNS and to request an approval email from the Campus CIO before the item(s) are ordered. Please note, the Purchasing Department requires a copy of the Campus CIO approval email in your monthly VISA reconciliation report.

Shared network connected printers are available on each floor. When your computer is installed, the nearest shared printer will be selected for your print jobs. In support of the College’s “Green Initiative” printing is monitored and restricted to six hundred pages per month. If your situation requires printing beyond this limitation, please contact network services.

Every employee is allocated private space on the network to store files, and that space is found in drive “H:”. This is where you should store all work related files. Files saved on your “H:” drive are backed up each evening to tape storage. This space is secure and can be accessed only by you and cannot be seen by other network users.

Please be aware that data stored on your workstation’s local drive(s), usually “C:” is not backed up. Therefore, if your workstation fails, the data stored on the local drives may be lost and unrecoverable.

Drive G: is also available for departmental and group shares. All employees have privileges to the root of the “G:” drive. Shared folders on the “CampusWide (G:)” are used to store files that need to be shared with others on campus. Within that space is a folder named students which is used to store files for students to access. Students anywhere in the College can access these files but cannot modify or delete them.