Please take the following steps so that in the event that you need to change your password you will be able to do so.

Step 1

Start at the College homepage –, scroll about half way down the page until you get to “QUICK LINKS”. Now select “Faculty and Staff”, then select “Employee Portal”.

Screenshot of Miami Dade College home page showing how to visit the Employee Portal

The server may ask for authentication. If so enter your network logon username in the form “mdcc\username” and your current password.

Windows security pop up window

Step 2

Select “Password Maintenance” from the left navigation and then “Change Challenge Question” from it's submenu option.

Employee portal screen shot showing directions

Step 3

Once you naviate to the "Change Challenge Question" from the previous step, you will be prompted to pick a challenge question from the drop down list. Follow the instructions by supplying your answer in the space provided.

Screenshot of Miami Dade College challenge question and answer

Once this is done, in the event you forget or need to change your password, you can revisit the page from step 2.