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Do you currently work or used to work in agriculture? If the answer is yes, you may qualify for our High School Equivalency Program. This program is designed to help those students who want to obtain their G.E.D.

Benefits for those who qualify

  • Covers the costs of textbooks, testing fees, and childcare.
  • Provides students with a $2 per day gas allowance and may cover other costs associated with obtaining a diploma.
  • Student will receive a free netbook upon passing the G.E.D. test.


  • You or someone in your household must have worked in agriculture for at least 75 days in the past two years.
  • You or the qualifying person must be a seasonal or migrant farmworker.
  • Social security is not required


  • Everglades Migrant Village
  • MDC Homestead Campus

Your future is in your hands!