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What is Manufactured Construction?

  • Manufactured Construction uses processes that are versatile, high-tech, efficient, and sustainable!
  • Sections of buildings are built at a manufacturing facility and then moved and assembled on-site.
  • This industry provides a stable work location for employees, safer working conditions, long-term growth opportunities, and career progression.

What is the Florida TRAMCON Program and What are the Benefits?

  • The TRAMCON Consortium was created to fill the growing demand in the Manufactured Construction industry. The consortium is made up of four public Florida colleges; industry associations; CareerSource Florida workforce investment boards; and local employers.
  • The TRAMCON career pathway includes on-the-job training and nine (9) nationally recognized trade certificates. The program courses are offered at no cost** to the participants and the program is multi-entry, and multi-­exit. Credit for prior learning may also be awarded. Applicants must be at least 18 years old, achieve a 9 on the TABE exam, and be authorized to work in the United States. Priority consideration will be given to TAA certified individuals and veterans.
  • Courses are offered during the day and evening at the MDC North Campus.

What are the Different Programs of Study?

The program includes nine (9) industry recognized certificates and on-the-job training assistance. Programs of Study range from 10 hours to 230 hours. Our advisors will help you decide which courses are best for your needs.

Programs of Study:

  • Intro to Manufactured Construction
    Prerequisite: Acceptance into TRAMCON Program
  • OSHA 10Hr Course*
    Prerequisite: Intro to Manufactured Construction
  • NCCER Construction Core*
    Prerequisite: Intro to Manufactured Construction
  • MSSC-Certified Production Technician*
    • Safety Module
    • Quality Practices & Measurement
    • Manufacturing Processes & Production
    • Maintenance Awareness
  • NCCER Manufactured Construction Level 1*
    Prerequisite: NCCER Construction Core
  • NCCER Manufactured Construction Level 2*
    Prerequisite: NCCER Manufactured Construction Level 1 + OJT
  • NCCER Project Management*
    Prerequisite: NCCER Manufactured Construction Level 2 + OJT
  • OSHA 30Hr Course*
    Prerequisite: Acceptance into TRAMCON Program
  • NCCER Sustainable Construction Supervisor*
    Prerequisite: NCCER Manufactured Construction Level 2 + OJT

Course hours are estimated. Participants can earn College Credits that may be applied towards an Associate Degree in construction or engineering at Miami Dade College. Note: Prerequisites may be waived on a case-by-case basis.

* Nationally Recognized Credential, earns card and/or certificate.
** Cost of books and testing is not included

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