COVID-19 Testing

COVID-19 testing remains available at North Campus and will be available at all campuses effective the beginning of Fall term.

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Health and Safety

Keeping our community healthy and well is a shared responsibility. Let's support our fellow Sharks by respecting everyone's physical space, washing your hands, and staying home when sick. A vaccine is widely available and effective. Anyone who wants to be vaccinated has the opportunity to do so.

With our local population immunity high (Miami-Dade County 80%), MDC is able to provide a safe and healthy environment for individuals on campus and provide opportunities for online and in-person learning.

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Facilities and Enhanced Cleaning

All campuses/facilities are open with regular operating hours and ready for the new academic year.

Reporting and contact tracing protocols continue to be followed at MDC.

Events and large gatherings will be planned and coordinated using the most current CDC guidance.

Enhanced Cleaning Protocols will continue.


Facial Coverings

MDC strongly encourages facial coverings indoors based on the current CDC guidance.

Your respect, empathy, and understanding are greatly appreciated during this transitional period.