Download the checklist as a PDF document

  • Ensure that your personal computer is updated and secure.
  • Make sure you have Internet service at home and your desktop/laptop computer is connected to the Internet.
  • Locate or identify the peripherals or accessories you’ll need to work remotely. Does your computer have a built-in microphone and speaker? Do you need a headset or microphone for use Blackboard?
  • Set up two-factor verification. If you haven’t already done so, download and install the DUO app on your mobile phone. You will need to use your mobile phone to verify your identity in order to access your office phone and Virtual Private Network (VPN).  Visit DUO site to add your mobile phone to the list.
  • Install and test VPN.  MDConnect, network drives, and remote desktop can only be accessed off campus via an encrypted virtual private network (VPN). Go to VPN Client Software Instructions and follow the instructions on the site to download and install VPN client on your computer. This may be one of the more challenging steps so please install and test as soon as you are able.
  • Setting up remote desktop. If you need to access special software applications that are not web-based on your office computer, you will need to enable remote desktop. Remote Desktop requires VPN when you are not on campus.   
    • Contact your Campus Network Services (CNS) department to enable remote desktop on your office PC.
    • Before you leave campus today, follow the instructions to turn on remote desktop. For accessing Remote Desktop on the desktop/laptop that you will use remotely, you will need to  have the name of your office computer.
    • DO NOT power off your office computer. It is important that you leave your computer on.
    • When you get to your remote work site, log in to your desktop/laptop and connect to VPN.
    • Follow the instructions to connect your home computer to the office computer.
    • For further assistance, you may view our step-by-step instructional video.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we provide virus software downloads for personal devices that will be used for remote work?

  • There is no need for anti-virus software if you are running Windows 10.   Windows 10 now comes with anti-virus features built-in.  Mac devices usually do not need anti-virus software.

There is an issue when connecting with Adobe from a remote device.  Apparently there is a code that is required?

Additional Information

You may find the additional information useful as you set up your remote work environment.

  • Windows 10: All MDC employees can download Windows 10 for a small fee ($16) at MDC software web store: The students can get a copy for free. The web store also offers many poplar software at a discounted price.
  • You have the ability to access emails, OneDrive, SharePoint by visiting and logging in with your MDC credentials.
  • You will want to copy your important work files to OneDrive. You may also sync your "H:" drive with OneDrive. Contact your campus CNS department for instructions/assistance.
  • You will be able to set up meetings or chat online via Skype. To access Skype, log on to  You will find the Skype icon on the upper right-hand menu bar. To schedule an online meeting, instead of specifying a location, select Skype from the “online meeting” drop down menu.
  • You have access to Microsoft Teams for collaboration with colleagues and students. The full functionality of teams is available to faculty and staff, but anyone you invite can join a team. To get started you can log on to Microsoft Teams from your web browser or Office 365 and navigate to the Teams application.
  • Adobe Creative Cloud: All faculty and adjuncts are entitled to a personal copy of Adobe Creative Cloud. Contact your campus CNS department to activate your license. After your license is activated, log on to Adobe Creative Cloud  with your MDC username and password to download Adobe applications. You may find the installation guide at the Adobe website or Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop Installation Guide.
  • Access your voicemail: All voicemails will be delivered to Outlook. You will still be able to check and manage voicemails by calling 305-237-2900 when off campus.
  • Blackboard Support: You may access Blackboard by visiting Visit MDC Online for Blackboard tutorials and tips. For support, please call the faculty hotline at 305-237-3700 or email Visit CIOL for upcoming Blackboard workshops.

Help and Support

If you encounter any problems, contact your campus CNS department. You will need to remain in contact with your academic department chair and remain available during work hours should you be needed.