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Professional cybersecurity training for organizations and individuals

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Is Your Team Ready For A Cyberattack? It’s Time To Find Out.

 Miami Dade College’s state-of-the-art Cyber Range is one of the most advanced security training platforms available anywhere. Designed by Cyberbit, a world leader in cybersecurity, the cutting-edge Cyber Range brings an IT security team face-to-face with live cyberattacks forcing them to detect, respond and remediate incidents in real-time.

What is the Cyber Range?

Similar to a flight simulator, our Cyber Range is a sophisticated virtual environment designed to train cybersecurity professionals in the most realistic way possible. Cyberattacks are unleashed within this virtual network forcing trainees to utilize multiple tools and techniques to mitigate the attack. No walking through a lab exercise here, it is either sink or swim. Know what to do and mitigate the attack or see your entire network come down while your sensitive information gets compromised.

Main features making the Cyber Range a unique training tool

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20+ Cyberattack Scenarios
  • Featuring some of today’s most advanced attacks including Ransomware, SQL Injection, Man-in-the-Middle, DDoS and many others
  • Attacks focus on data exfiltration, business disruption, digital forensics, etc. with new ones constantly being added to ensure trainees face the latest generation of attacks
Industry-leading Security Tools

Trainees use real security tools including firewalls, SIEMs, IDS/IPS systems, packet analyzers, network monitoring systems, etc. to mitigate attacks

Sophisticated Network with Advanced Traffic Generator

Attacks occur within a sophisticated network that includes multiple segments, servers, and operating systems while the Advanced Traffic Generator floods the network with routine traffic making it more challenging for teams to identify malicious actors and content while trying to avoid false positives

Blue and Red Team Focus

Focuses on both, defensive and offensive tactics, allowing teams to strengthen their defensive techniques and procedures while allowing penetration testers and ethical hackers to sharpen their skills

Cloud Access

Similar to the real-world where IT teams are located throughout multiple locations, the Cyber Range can be accessed from anywhere allowing professionals to take part in the same training exercise no matter where they are based

Seamless User Experience

Complex multi-layered attacks are unleashed with the push of a button allowing trainees to maximize their training sessions