PALP Overview

Peer Academic Leader Logo

The Peer Academic Leadership Program (PALP) at the Faculty Institute of Teaching and Learning (FITL), Miami Dade College - Eduardo J. Padrón Campus, develops and refines the leadership potential of students through peer leadership and mentoring activities. One of the primary responsibilities of a Peer Academic Leader (PAL) is to provide quality, course-specific academic support to Padrón Campus students using a peer-led group facilitation model.

PALs are students who are in good academic standing and are prepared to assume the role of campus academic leader.

For more information contact Martha Rivas at or at 305 237-6820.

Mission Statement

The purpose of the PALP is to contribute to students’ academic success by providing an opportunity for them to serve as academic leaders who model excellent study skills, learning habits, and positive outlooks for their academic future. PALs are mentored, supported, and encouraged to reach their maximum potential in the academic environment and through community involvement. PALs are role models to students in their peer-led groups as well as the student body at large promoting learning as the vehicle to academic success and career advancement.