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Gear Up Calendar

  • February 2013
    • Wednesday 27th
      • GEAR UP Advisory Board 2nd meeting
    • Saturday 23rd
      • Parents/Students Workshop at the MDC/North Campus for John F. Kennedy, North Miami and Thomas Jefferson Middle Schools. Topic: Transitioning to High School.
    • Thursday 14th
      • 2nd period for the CHAMPS Competition. The winner homeroom will have breakfast and educational material as presents.
    • Wednesday 13th
      • 35 students from Jose De Diego Middle School will be touring the Coast Guard Air Station at Opa Locka Airport
      • 16 GEAR UP Students from Shenandoah, Jose De Diego Middle Schools, that were awarded the GEAR UP/Take Stock in Children (TSIC) scholarship and their parents will be signing the scholarship contract MDC/Wolfson Campus
    • Sunday 3rd to Wednesday 6th
      • NCCEP Capacity Building Workshop, Las Vegas, Nevada
    • Friday 1st
      • Partnership Training at the Communities in School (CIS) Headquarters in Miami, FL
  • January 2013
    • Wednesday 30th
      • 42 students from John F. Kennedy Middle School attended the MDC/North Campus and participated in two STEM program labs.
    • Monday 28th
      • GEAR UP/Communities in Schools (CIS) One Day Conference at MDC/Wolfson Campus
    • Saturday 12th
      • Parents/Students Workshop at the MDC/Wolfson Campus for Shenandoah and Jose De Diego Middle Schools. Topic: Transitioning to High School. After the workshop parents and students toured the MDC/Wolfson Campus.
    • Thursday 10th
      • From Nov 26 to Dec. 21st CHAMPS (Competition for Highest Attendance in Mays Public School) Competition at Mays Conservatory of the Arts. Ms. Bell's homeroom was the winner. To celebrate their excellent attendance GEAR UP awarded the homeroom with breakfast.


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