Requesting a Dual Enrollment Student Cohort

For secondary schools interested in offering a Miami Dade College dual enrollment course to a group of students (minimum of 10), please review this simple 5-step process and complete the Dual Enrollment Student Cohort Referral Form. Upon receipt, a representative from MDC's Dual Enrollment Team will contact you accordingly.

Please note, all secondary schools that request cohorts to be taught at their location must have a signed Dual Enrollment Memorandum of Understanding on file. For more information, please contact your home campus dual enrollment coordinator or the Director of Articulation and Academic Pathways.

Step 1: Before Submitting a Cohort Request Form, ALL Students Associated with the Cohort Request Must Apply for Dual Enrollment Admission at MDC

Secondary School Student must apply for Dual Enrollment Admission at MDC.

Step 2: Submit a Cohort Request Referral

  • As part of the Cohort Request Referral, Counselors are required to submit a roster of students that will register for the course that is being offered to the cohort. Incomplete Rosters or missing information will not be accepted and will cause a delay in the processing of your School's cohort request.
  • All students must have active MDC ID Numbers
  • Download a sample roster for submission

Step 3: Provide College Placement Scores

  • Students must provide their SAT or ACT test scores.
  • If they don't have scores from either of these tests, they would need to arrange to take the PERT or ACCUPLACER placement either at your high school or at MDC.

Step 4: Have Students Add Courses to Their Shopping Cart

  • All courses taken as part of dual enrollment must be approved by the secondary school counselor

Step 5:  Authorize Courses for Registration

  • Access the dual enrollment portal to authorize courses for registration
  • The course instructor will receive the class roster prior to the start of the semester. The instructor must notify their MDC Dual Enrollment Coordinator immediately if any student is missing from the roster.

Cohort Request Form

Request a Dual Enrollment Student Cohort