Courses Available for Dual Enrollment

Enrolling at MDC gives outstanding high school and middle school students a wider range of courses to choose from. Dual enrollment students gain valuable experience that prepares them for future college success.

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  • The Florida State Board of Education has identified dual enrollment courses that high schools accept toward meeting high school graduation requirements. Additionally, any college credit course comprised of three (3) credits or more can be considered for dual enrollment at MDC, subject to approval by the student's school and MDC academic unit.
  • You must meet all course prerequisite and placement testing requirements for a course to be considered for dual enrollment.
  • You may enroll in fully online courses to include MDC Online and MDC LIVE. Learn more about MDC’s various instructional modalities.
  • Developmental education courses, physical education courses, private music lessons, and some recreational courses are not eligible for dual enrollment.
  • Please note that all courses may not be offered every semester, on every campus. Courses may be unavailable/closed due to enrollment capacity.
  • If you are projected to graduate from high school before the scheduled completion date of a dual enrollment course, you may not register for that course through dual enrollment.
  • You are responsible for obtaining approval from the school counselor to withdraw from a course, as well as completing the appropriate paperwork during the designated drop period. The consequences of not withdrawing from a college course officially may be detrimental, as you will receive a failing grade that will affect your GPA and will be reflected on the college transcript.
  • There is no limit on the number of courses that you may enroll in, in each term. However, you need to account for rigor, time management, and course expectations when planning a schedule. You must discuss course registration with your secondary school counselor and MDC Dual Enrollment Coordinator to ensure academic success.
  • You are allowed to take a course once. You may not retake a course for grade forgiveness (W, D, F) until you have graduated from high school and are enrolled as a traditional degree-seeking student at MDC.