Become a Shark! Join MDC’s Dual Enrollment / Early Admissions Program

Thank you for your interest in Miami Dade College's Dual Enrollment Program. Please review the simple 6-step process below.

Step 1: Apply for Admission and Activate Your Student Account

  1. Secondary School Student must apply for Dual Enrollment Admission at MDC
  2. Once Admissions Application for Dual Enrollment has been processed - students will receive an assigned MDC ID Number
  3. Activate your student account

Step 2: Provide Evidence of College Readiness

Beginning with the Fall 2022 semester, student eligibility requirements for initial enrollment in college credit dual enrollment courses must include meeting a 3.0 unweighted high school grade point average (GPA) and demonstrated college readiness through the assessment of communication and computation skills (i.e., traditional and alternative tests or high school courses). Secondary School Counselors can refer students for placement testing or provide evidence of college readiness through alternative tests or high school courses.

Step 3: Begin Adding Courses to Your Shopping Cart

  • All courses taken as part of dual enrollment must be approved by your secondary school counselor
  • Please work with your counselor when choosing your classes
  • These classes count towards high school graduation so it is important that you select the right courses

It is important that secondary school counselors not using the Dual Enrollment Shared Portal inform students that MDC will send a digital dual enrollment program form to students via e-mail.
View student instructions for using Adobe Sign.

Step 4: Secondary School Counselor Approval

Your counselor will access your shopping cart and review your course selection, verify your eligibility, and approve you for registration.

Step 5: Registration

Your assigned Miami Dade College Dual Enrollment Coordinator will verify and register you for the courses that your secondary school counselor has approved.

Step 6: Order Your Textbooks

Order your textbooks online.