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    By providing a variety of services that address a spectrum of disabilities, the ACCESS department works to ensure equal access and opportunity throughout the college experience.

    Note takers, assistive technologies, interpreters and more are at our disposal. See all the ways ACCESS helps students succeed.

    Hours and Locations

  • MDC Works Career Studio

    MDC WORKS Career Studio is a professional development resource giving MDC students the skills they need to successfully launch their careers and create meaningful futures. Explore career options, assess your skills, understand your aspirations and get clarity on how to move forward.

  • Free Tutoring

    Learning Resources offers students and faculty a wide array of supplemental assistance to ensure academic success. Our facilities house state-of-the-art technology and software, as well as knowledgeable tutors that can provide face-to-face instruction in a variety of courses such as math, writing, reading, business, natural science, health sciences, speech, test preparation, and more.

    Meet with a tutor online  Meet with a tutor on campus  Find a tutoring location

  • Library and Learning Resources

    Each major center of Miami Dade College has its own library designed to meet the academic needs of its students, faculty and staff. Collectively, the eight libraries offer a wide variety of resources including books, e-books, audiovisual materials, magazines and journals.

  • Student Wellness

    MDC offers a range of resources to help students emotionally and physically navigate the demanding pace of modern life. From financial counseling to health referrals and providing assistive technologies, MDC can help students get the help they need.

  • Connect with other students

    Each campus has a culture as diverse as its study body, offering an opportunity for teamwork and leadership. Pass by the Student Life Office of your MDC campus for information about student organizations, student ID Card (MDCard), parking decals, and Activity Calendars. Visit SharkNet to learn more.

  • Single Stop

    Single Stop offers students a wide array of services, including public benefits screening, financial coaching, individual counseling, tax preparation, access to a food pantry, and various other services. All of our services are free to Miami Dade College students and their immediate family members.

  • Interested in STEM

    MDC’s iMAP allows students to visualize and compare different scenarios in their academic journey. With the iMAP, DE students can design a course-by-course pathway for associate degree completion and transfer!