School for Advanced Studies (SAS)

Thank you for your interest in Miami Dade College's Dual Enrollment Program. This webpage is for students that are currently enrolled at the School for Advanced Studies. For students that are interested in learning more about SAS including the admissions, testing, and eligibility process, please visit the SAS Webpage.  

Current SAS students, please follow the steps below to ensure initiation and processing of your SAS dual enrollment program form.

Step 1: Select your Campus and Submit an SAS Dual Enrollment Program Form

  • Students are responsible for completing Page 1 and certain sections on Page 2. Please note that the NextGen/Dynamic Form platform will direct students and help them complete each section.
    • For Part II, students can search for classes
      • Using the Dual Enrollment Program Form -indicate all courses that you have registered for.
    • Once students complete and sign the form, a notification will automatically be sent to the e-mail address of the student's parent/guardian for signature.
    • Please note that your Parent/Guardian will need to create a new account if they have not used the NextGen/Dynamic Form Platform. The NextGen/Platform will guide new users into creating an account.
    • Once the parent/guardian signs, the form will be forwarded to the student's SAS school counselor and principal for authorization.

Step 2: Program Form Processing

Once the Dual Enrollment Program Form is returned to MDC, our MDC Dual Enrollment Coordinator's will process the Dual Enrollment Program Form and post the Dual Enrollment Waiver.

Step 3: Order Your Textbooks

Order your textbooks online.