MDC Civic Action Scorecard Challenge

How to Use the Civic Action Scorecard

Those who complete actions on the scorecard can earn the Civic Action Award. The Civic Action Award recognizes MDC students, faculty, and staff who have documented active participation in the civic life of our community, in a 12-month period. Complete items from the “Civic Action scorecard” such as knowing your elected officials, volunteering with a campaign, attending a local government meeting, and registering to vote. Earn 100 or more points to qualify for the award. Create a portfolio of your civic engagement using the checklist and submit to your campus iCED office to apply for the Civic Action Award. Electronic or hard copy submissions will be accepted.

Identify the Civic Actions you will complete (or already completed), earn at least 100 points, submit documentation, and receive the MDC Civic Action Award.

Many civic actions you complete on the Scorecard Challenge require you to submit a short reflection assignment. Reflections should be compiled with other civic action documentation and submitted for the award as part of your Civic Portfolio. Download the Civic Action scorecard tracking sheet to document your points and submit with your portfolio.

Contact your campus iCED office for more information.

Civic Action Item Categories Include:

  • Democratic engagement & Advocacy
  • Environment & sustainability
  • Community well-being
  • Arts & culture
  • Social innovation


  • Bronze: 100 Points
  • Silver: 200 Points
  • Gold: 300 Points

What You'll Receive

  • Certificate and letter of commendation
  • Recognition at campus annual Civic Engagement Celebration event
  • Name listed as Civic Action Award Winner on iCED website
  • Accomplishment to highlight on your CV/resume/portfolio
  • Enhanced scholarship and employment opportunities
  • Bragging rights


  • Review list of 50+ actions and make a plan
  • Print and use Civic Action Award tracking sheet to log all actions/points
  • Complete reflection assignment required for each action
  • Prepare portfolio with tracking sheet and reflection assignments and submit to iCED or your professor
  • Post on social media using #CivicActionChallenge


  • Civic Action Scorecard
  • Civic Action Scorecard tracking sheet