Becoming a Service Partner

What is an iCED-Approved Service Partner

Service partner: an organization that engages with iCED through its service pathway.

Service Partner Parameters:

  • A 501(c)3 organization
  • A nonprofit organization
  • A pro-bono initiative or program from a for-profit organization
  • A campus-based service provider (Single Stop, ACCESS, Food Pantry, etc.)
  • A public sector agency such as a school, government office, or parks and recreation

A community-led initiative such as a grassroots organization, coalition, or community group working to meet a clearly identifiable community need

How to Become an iCED Service Partner

Onboarding is the process by which iCED builds an initial relationship with a service site partner.

iCED partners provide high-quality current service opportunities.

  1. Vetted partner:
    1. Aligned with Service Partner Parameters
    2. Aligned with Standards for Service
    3. The service site partner has had a conversation with an iCED team member, understands the Standards for Service, and how it aligns with their service opportunities. Note: In the future, service partners will need to attend the Service Partner Workshop
    4. Service Partner has reviewed and signed the Letter of Understanding
    5. The iCED team member and the service site partner have determined how to support each other through a collaborative and mutually beneficial partnership
  2. High-quality partner:
    1. The service partner is responsive to iCED and MDC students
    2. The service partner clearly addresses a community need
    3. The service partner has clearly defined service opportunities
    4. The service partner has a process/procedure in place to receive volunteers
  3. Current:
    1. The service partner must be actively accepting new volunteers.

How to Get on the Main Placement List

The Main Placement List (MPL) is a list of current iCED-approved service opportunities for students. It is available via Service Partners use the MPL to list available service opportunities and to promote those opportunities to students. Students use the MPL to search for current service opportunities. MDC faculty use the MPL to guide students to available service opportunities. As such, it is imperative that the MPL include only current service opportunities from high-quality, vetted service partners, and that each service partner profile is complete and aligned with iCED Standards for Service and Service Partner Parameters.

Steps for a service partner to be included in the MPL:

Contact the iCED staff member at the campus closest to your service area. This staff member will:

  1. Review the Service Partner Parameters and the Standards for Service, and your organization's service opportunities
  2. Arrange for a site visit and for you to attend the next Service Partner Workshop
  3. Work with you to add your organization to the MPL so you will appear at