President's Innovation Fund


The President's Innovation Fund (Innovation Fund) is a competitive grant program for full-time faculty with the strategic goal of encouraging and supporting faculty innovators who will experiment with and develop evidence-based learning models that can be extended to other faculty and courses at Miami Dade College and beyond. Projects can be proposed by individual faculty or faculty teams, and there will be up to 10 awards per grant cycle with a maximum award amount of $10,000. This is intended to support faculty professional growth by funding projects that target improving student learning.

The Innovation Fund fosters a culture of excellence in teaching, learning, and service at Miami Dade College. We encourage innovations with a broad and lasting effect on instructional excellence and the implementation of high-impact practices. The faculty projects will align with the 2021-2026 MDC strategic goals as well as the College Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) to empower students to leverage artificial intelligence (AI) in educational programs. The funding will support the exploration of new instructional strategies and the advancement of student learning outcomes at the college and the global higher education landscape.

Innovation Fund applicants are invited to propose an evidence-based approach to teaching and learning through a specific educational initiative. Proposals are required to include a research component, and those including strategies to sustain, replicate, and scale the innovation across the discipline and college are at a competitive advantage. Selection will be a competitive process (for more details, see "Review Committee and Evaluation Criteria").

Innovation Fund Priority for 2024-2025: Accelerating Academic Excellence with Emerging Technologies

With a rapidly changing higher education landscape, where reimagining the student experience includes the integration of digital solutions and platforms, Miami Dade College is committed to supporting faculty that combine effective pedagogy and the highest quality of instruction with innovative technology solutions. The Innovation Fund's priority for 2024-2025 "Accelerating Academic Excellence with Emerging Technologies", underscores the importance of integrating cutting-edge technologies for improved student learning and success.

In this grant cycle of the Innovation Fund, faculty are invited to explore the future of teaching and learning with emerging technologies and submit project proposals, which may include, but are not limited to the following themes:

  1. Preparation for the Future: Emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and machine learning, are reshaping industries and the job market. The Innovation Fund seeks projects that embrace one or more of these technologies to equip our students with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in this dynamic landscape.
  2. Enhanced Learning Experiences: Emerging technologies have the potential to revolutionize the way students learn. AI can personalize education, adapting to individual student needs. VR and AR can provide immersive, interactive learning experiences, making complex subjects more engaging.
  3. Accessibility: Emerging technologies can improve accessibility for students with special abilities. It can also facilitate remote and flexible learning options, allowing a broader range of students to access education.
  4. Teaching Innovation: The Innovation Fund encourages faculty projects that leverage emerging technologies to foster innovation in teaching and learning methods. These projects can lead to the development of new educational tools or methodologies that benefit not only the institution but also the broader educational community.