Jazz At Wolfson Presents

2019-2020 Season: Sept. 18, 2019 - April 1, 2020

Jazz guitar musician playing on stage

MDC Jazz Faculty Quintet

Jazz Quintet

Wednesday, Sept. 18, 2019, Noon
Wolfson Campus Auditorium
300 N.E. Second Ave., Miami, FL 33132
Building 1, Room 1261

A group of creative musicians with immense talent and polished skills, the MDC Jazz Faculty Quintet is an ensemble that presents memorable performances of traditional and progressive jazz.

Heralded as some of South Florida's finest musicians, the MDC Jazz Faculty Quintet features saxophonist Mark Small, guitarist Mike Di Liddo, pianist Jim Gasior, bassist Gary Thomas and drummer Rodolfo Zúñiga. As diverse musicians with a variety of musical backgrounds, their performances project a blending of styles that can only come together with jazz.

A mainstay for this series, quintet members are seen accompanying many of the visiting artists. As superb musicians themselves, quintet members have been featured individually as guest artists in past years.