Through this 40-hour training officers will learn the steps and requirements needed to coordinate and plan a successful resolution to a high risk or tactical operation, while reducing the liability to the Police Department, and officers, brought on by injuries and casualties, while increasing the departments’ Legitimacy. Officers will also learn de-escalation tactics to react effectively under high stress levels brought about by high risk and other tactical operations. This training can be applied to Mandatory Training.

Instructor(s): Retired Chief Jesus (Jesse) Menocal, and multiple School of Justice instructors. Jessie Menocal was in the field of law enforcement for over 25 years and has been a part-time instructor with the School of Justice since 1987. Jesse is a subject matter expert in firearms, defensive tactics, and SWAT combat medic. He is an active SWAT member and has organized several SWAT classes over the course of his career. He has extensive experience with multi-agency task forces and has partnered with other law enforcement agencies, such as DEA, FBI, and Homeland Security, in joint efforts.