Officer answers phone in control operations area surrounded my electronic equipment and other staff

The Course includes the following topics:

  • Mass Causality Events
  • Civil Unrest
  • Crimes in Progress
  • Terrorist Event Response  
  • Officer Down

Utilizing the basic principles of the Incident Command System [ICS], our professionals can guarantee that our method will enhance the proficiency of Law Enforcement Command Operations. This instructional course provides various resources to adequately mitigate threats that affect our jurisdictional boundaries.

Course Topics:

  • Assessing the Scene
  • Identifying the type of Incident
  • Contact Teams
  • RTF
  • Providing Triage
  • Securing the event
  • Perimeter Considerations
  • Incident Containment
  • Establishing Command
  • Command Post Considerations
  • Communication Concerns
  • Tactical Frequencies
  • Delegating the right task to the right personnel

Classes are intentionally Limited in size.

Instructor(s): The H.E.R.0 Consultant Group

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