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AUDITIONS For The Diary Of Anne Frank


Frances Goodrich & Albert Hackett, adapted by Wendy Kesselman

Directed by James Alexander Bond

Audition Information:

All auditions, rehearsals and performances for this production will be held remotely and entirely online. MDC students as well as MDC alumni currently at FIU are eligible to audition.  This production is being produced with colorblind casting. All rolls are open.

Auditions will be held online Monday February 22nd and Tuesday February 23rd  from 5pm-8pm. 

Call Backs will be held Wednesday February 24th in the evening from 5-8pm   Rehearsals will start Friday February 24th and are every Mon through Fri evening For approximately 3 to 4 hours a night until opening. The exact rehearsal times will be determined by the Director taking into consideration the cast’s availability.

To request an audition time email Aaron Alpern at

If leaving a message make sure you speak slowly and clearly leaving your phone number and email address as well as the date and hour time block when you could audition.  You will then be contacted with a link to the audition and a specific audition time.  

The Diary Of Anne Frank will perform live online Thursday April 15th and Friday April 23rd at 8pm, with 2 student matinees Friday April 16th and Friday April 23rd at 10am.  There may be an additional interactive roundtable discussion with the public scheduled for another day and time.  

Character Breakdown:

The Diary of Anne Frank is the dramatic true story of eight peoples' time in hiding in Amsterdam during World War II.  The play begins with the Franks going into hiding and it chronicles the next two years' events in the tiny annex.   It is a story of humanity, the best of it, and the worst.  

ANNE FRANK: (13-15) Anne is extraordinary in her hope, passion, and belief in the good in the world.  At the start of the show she is innocent, precocious and speaks her mind.  As she matures she becomes introspective, compassionate and hopeful for a more accepting future.  

OTTO FRANK: (50-55) Anne's father, very much the patriarch of the Annex.  He leads with love and strength in all he does.  Unlike young Anne, Otto is even tempered and strives for peace in every situation.  He has the resilience of a younger man but the experience to recognize the world around him.  

EDITH FRANK: (40-45) Anne's mother.  Reserved and soft-spoken.  Constantly worried about her family and their fate.  Closer with her older daughter, she longs for a deeper connection with Anne.  

MARGOT FRANK : (16-18)  Anne's older sister.  Quiet like her mother.  More mature and intellectual than her sister.  Margot feels alone and unsure of her place in the annex.  She is reserved.  

MR. VAN DAAN: (40-50) The head of the Van Daans.  Struggling to find his place.  He is intelligent and pragmatic if a bit harsh.  Wishes to make his wife happy on his terms.  Wants to teach his son to be more out going and to toughen him up during their time in the annex.  

MRS. VAN DAAN (40-50) Not ready to give up her lifestyle.  She tries to view the annex as simply a new locale, rather than a necessity for survival.  She can be a flirt and Anne even goes so far as to call her frivolous.  She clings to her fur coast like one clings to their very identity.  

PETER VAN DAAN (16-18) The Van Daans' only son.  At the beginning he is annoyed with Anne, but later confesses to admiring her spirit.  They become good friends during their time in hiding.  He is trying to find his place, not only in the annex, but in himself.  

MIEP GIES (30-35) A kind, Dutch secretary from the office of Otto Frank.  She helps hide the Franks, Van Daans, and Mr. Dussel.  Miep is their connection to the outside world as she keeps them informed and stocked with food, books, and the occasional treat.  She is kind and worried but determined to protect them.  

MR. KRALER (40-45) Otto Frank's business partner.  He helps to hide the members of the annex.  Like Miep, he never questions his obligations to the Franks and to doing what is right/  A dignified man, at a loss for the world around him.

MR. DUSSEL (50-55) A fussy dentist.  He is the only one in the annex without family, having left behind his live in girlfriend who is Christian.  More than anyone in the annex, he puts himself first at every turn.  

Nazi Officer and Two Dutch Collaborators (male, any age).


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