Academic Affairs
Grade Appeals

(obtained from MDC Catalog)

The responsibility for the academic evaluation and assignment of grades is that of the faculty member teaching the course. A student who believes that he or she has been unfairly graded should first appeal the grade to the faculty member. If satisfaction is not achieved, the student may appeal through administrative channels (Department Chair, Academic Dean or the grade appeals committee).

(obtained from the Students' Rights & Responsibilities Handbook; MDC Procedure 8301 - Student Appeal of Grades)

The responsibility for academic evaluation and the assignment of grades is that of the faculty member who has been assigned responsibility for a course. When any student believes that he/she has not been evaluated as prescribed in the course syllabus, an avenue of appeal must be provided. The Student Bill of Rights guarantees that students will have protection, through orderly procedures, against unfair academic evaluation. The basic position of the College is that decisions by an individual are subject to review. This procedure for appeal of grades is consistent with that position. It is set forth to ensure that both students and faculty will be aware of the processes that are to be followed when a course grade is challenged.

There are two (2) ways a student may appeal a grade, an Informal Process or a Formal Process...

Informal Process - The student informally appeals the grade through academic channels: first to the faculty member; if unresolved, to the Chairperson, and only then to the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs.

Formal Process - The appeal must be filed by the end of the next major term following the assignment of the grade. Once initiated, only the student can elect to terminate the process before a final decision has been reached by the committee.

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