Academic Affairs
Office of the Dean

The faculty and staff in the Academic Affairs Division of the Kendall Campus are deeply committed to excellence in the classroom and in the labs that support student learning. Kendall Campus faculty members are known for their creativity and innovative approaches to teaching and learning that ensure student success.

Below are some of our responsibilities; click header to see more information:

Personnel Requisition Forms (P26)

To post a position, you need:

  • Written confirmation that the line has been assigned/kept to your area.
  • Submit a completed Personnel Requisition Form.
  • If the position is to replace a former employee (resignation, termination, retirement), you must include supporting documentation along with the form.
  • Attach a job description (You may obtain this from Employment Coordinator) Original signatures required.

Recruitment occurs in several ways, depending on the position:

  • Websites:
  • Printed Media:
    • Miami Herald MDC Standard Ad
    • Community Recruitment Listing (Includes over 200 organizations, colleges and universities throughout the United States.)
NOTE: The approved Personnel Requisition must be submitted to the Compensation Department for processing by Friday for posting to take place the following Friday.

RPAs (new employees, terminations, changes of assignments, additional jobs or promotions)

Request for Personnel Action (Dynamic)

Exceptions for Graduate Credits for Faculty - Professional Development, Promotion, and Endowed Chair

Visit the Faculty Initiatives page for more information

Self-Assessments, Performance Reviews and Faculty Evaluations

The College, like any other employer, relies on the performance review process to assist its employees in their development. The College "provides for evaluation of all full-time employees on an annual basis, to assist in accurate appraisal of employees; improvement of job performance; improve the supervisor/employee relationship; and serve as a useful tool in the growth and development of the individual employee." (For more information refer to Policy II-70 and Procedure 2352.)


Specific benefits of an annual performance review include:

  1. Clarification and/or verification of the employee's job description.
  2. Establishment of a performance baseline for use by both the employee and manager in measuring future performance. This also helps employees "know where they stand".
  3. Discussing special accomplishments to be appropriately recognized and recorded.
  4. Determine specific goals and objectives for advancement or improvement that can be mutually determined and commitments made and recorded.
  5. Discussion, encouragement and notation of employee career goals.
  6. Provide written records to support future personnel actions.

I. SNE / PENC / PEC Evaluations:

  1. Performance Review forms are available online.
  2. Supervisor schedules review meeting and provides the employee with the appropriate form for self-assessment.
  3. Supervisor completes draft of PR, employee completes self-assessment (required for PEC, optional for PENC/SNE).
  4. Review meeting is held.
  5. Supervisor prepares final version of Performance Review.
  6. Employee signs review and may include a response.
  7. Supervisor forwards review through administrative channels.
  8. Area head submits performance review(s) to Human Resources. II - Faculty Evaluations: (obtained

II. Faculty Evaluations: (obtained from Faculty Contract 2005-2008 Article 7):

Section 2. Performance Review

Each annual performance review shall contain:

  1. Student evaluation of faculty.
  2. The self assessment, including discussion of student success and student retention.
  3. Classroom visitation observations (announced and unannounced).
  4. Meeting work expectation standards, as indicated in Article 21; as observed by or provided to the Chair.
  5. Contributions to department, school, campus, College, and community.
  6. Completion of the previous year’s goals.
  7. Development of goals for the next academic year.

NOTE: Please visit the Human Resources website for important deadline dates.

Grade Change Forms

Grade Changes

Grade change that are less than one (1) major term:

  • Grade change form
  • Original signatures (Faculty member and Chairperson)
  • Supporting documentation
  • Send directly to Registrar's Office for processing (Room 3135)

Grade changes that are older than one (1) major term, but less than one academic year:

  • Grade change form
  • Original Signatures (Faculty member and Chairperson)
  • Supporting documentation
  • Submit to Associate Dean of Academic Affairs for approval (Room 8218)

Grade changes older than one (1) academic year:

  • Grade change form
  • Original Signatures (Faculty member and Chairperson)
  • Supporting documentation, including a memo (explaining the reasons for submission after the prescribed period of time)
  • Submit to the Academic Dean for approval (Room 8218)

Grade changes for Incomplete grade (I):

  • Must include a copy of the Agreement for Incomplete
  • Must be submitted on or before the end of the next major term after the "I" grade was awarded

Grade changes for No-Grade (NG) or Non-Recorded (NR):

  • Must include a memo explaining why the grade was not entered on time
  • Submit to the Academic Dean for approval (Room 8218)

NOTE: Grade changes CANNOT be processed without the required signatures and/or supporting documentation. Students should also be advised that the process may take up to two (2) weeks to be completed.

Grade Appeals

Grade Appeals

A grade appeal is an established orderly process for a student to appeal an assigned course grade in cases where the student challenges the equity of the grade. It should not be confused with the student petitions outlined in MDC Procedure 4018.


The two (2) most important aspects of the formal grade appeal process are: (1) Only the student can elect to terminate the process before a final decision is made by the committee; (2) The committee's final decision, whether in favor or against the student, is not subject to further appeal within the College.


Grade appeal applications may be obtained on the Academic Affairs website or at the Academic Dean's Office in room 8218.


NOTE: Students must be encouraged to review MDC Procedure 8301 - Student Appeal of Grades in the Students' Rights & Responsibilities Handbook.

Mileage Reimbursements

Mileage Reimbursements

Effective July 1, 2006, the mileage reimbursement rate is $0.445 per mile. When submitting mileage reimbursement forms that include toll and/or parking charges, you MUST include the receipts.

NOTE: Travel reimbursement amounts for both mileage and meals are designated by the Florida Legislature (this is NOT, nor has ever been a local option).

Travel Requests and Travel Reimbursements

Travel Requests and Reimbursements

  • Must include original signatures for both the originator and the Chair or Director.
  • Must include all supporting documentation (conference information, schedule, registration, hotel, air reservation, car rental, etc...).
  • Must include Travel Proposal form (1st page).
  • Must include Ticket Release form (ATR) or proof of reservation via web (if air travel is required).

To Process Travel Reimbursement:

NOTE: Please submit all travel related requests (whether it includes reimbursement or not) to Room 8218.

Printing Requests and Poster/Flyer Hanging Requests

For more information, please visit the Campus Support Services page.

Purchasing Card Reconciliations (Only Chairpersons and School Directors)

The Office of the Academic Dean only processes Purchasing Card Reconciliations for: Chairs and/or School Directors that Report to Kendall Campus.


Purcahsing Card Reconciliation Packet should include the following:

  • PC Reconciliation Report with original signature
  • PC Statement with original signature
  • Original receipts for all transactions. If the original receipt is not available, you must include the missing receipt report form.
  • Technology Related Transactions - All transactions that include software and/or computer related items MUST HAVE BEEN PRE-APPROVED by the CCIO prior to the purchase. Attach the approval e-mail to the receipt for that specific transaction.

NOTE: Purchasing Card Reconciliations MUST be completed within 60 days of the respective statement date. Otherwise, the purchasing card may be cancelled by the Purchasing Department.

Other Forms and Documents

Other Forms

All forms must be completed in their entirety and, if signatures are required, only original signatures are accepted.

  • CE Fee Changes / New Courses
  • Virtual College Course Development Forms
  • Grant Applications
  • Screening Committee Nominations
  • Academic issues that cannot be resolved at the department level
  • Forms for adding / modifying / dropping courses and course requirements
  • Travel Rationale

NOTE: If the submission has a specific deadline date, please submit the form at least one (1) week before the specified deadline.


Miami Dade College is an equal access/equal opportunity institution which does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, color, marital status, age, religion, national origin, disability, veteran’s status, ethnicity, pregnancy, sexual orientation or genetic information. Additional information may be obtained by contacting the Office of Equal Opportunity Programs/ADA Coordinator/Title IX Coordinator, at 305.237.2577.