Speech Course Descriptions
SPC 1017 – Fundamentals of Speech Communication 3 credits
Provides students with the oral communications skills necessary for success in personal, professional, and educational settings. Enables students to effectively use interpersonal communication, presentational speaking and group dynamics of communication through study and experiential practice. Fulfills a Gordon Rule requirement.
SPC 2511 – Argumentation and Debate 3 credits
The principles of argumentation, including analysis, evidence, inference and refutation, and their application to issues of current public interest. Provides opportunities for debating practice.. Pre-requisite: SPC 1022 or equivalent.
SPC 2608 – Introduction to Public Speaking 3 credits
Improves the basic skills of speaking and listening through classroom exercise, group discussion, and public address, with special emphasis given to the principles of logical organization.
SPC 2601 – Advanced Public Speaking 3 credits
For students who have had a basic course in speech or previous experience in public speaking. Provides participation in such areas as contest, community and on campus speaking, and speech criticism. Provides instruction in audience analysis and rhetorical principles and strategies.. Pre-requisite: SPC 1017

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