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Mobile Device & Equipment Loan Guidelines/Agreement

Guidelines for Borrowing and Use

Only current MDC students, faculty, or staff may borrow mobile devices & equipment. Personal accounts may NOT be linked to any Learning Resources device under any condition. A return receipt will be provided at the time of return after staff inspection of equipment finds all items are in good condition and standards set by this User Agreement have been adhered to. Guidelines, agreements, and permissions are at the Director’s discretion.

You will need to visit your campus library to check availability of a device. Please see our Hours & Locations page to verify the hours of operation for your campus library before visiting.

User Agreement

  1. I have received and accepted custody of this device and its accessories in good condition.
  2. I am personally responsible for this device and its accessories in case of loss, theft, or damage. Learning Resources will charge for items lost, stolen, or damaged.
  3. I agree to return this device and its accessories to the Circulation area on or before the due time/date or upon request by Learning Resources.
  4. Learning Resources will only accept complete borrowed kits, which may include the device, charger, stylus, mouse, cables, etc. Unreturned items will be listed as lost and I will be held responsible.
  5. I will delete all personal data, including apps, files, and bookmarks from the device before returning. I understand any personal data stored in any device will be deleted upon its return.
  6. I will not place these items in the Book Drop under any circumstances.
  7. I will allow up to 10 minutes for inspection and cleaning at the time of return.
  8. Learning Resources staff are not responsible for personal items left in the carrying case.
  9. I will make every attempt to ensure the hygienic use of the device that I am being loaned.
  10. I agree that failure to comply with these guidelines may result in the loss of the privilege of borrowing electronic devices & equipment in the future, and/or financial obligations imposed on my MDC record.

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