Operation Pedro Pan - 55th Anniversary of the First Flights to Freedom

0:14 Dec 2015 |  2478

Dr. Mercesdes Cros-Sandoval host a panel discussion with current and retired Miami Dade College employees who are "Pedro Pan" children. They share their courageous stories in front of an audience in celebration of the first flights from Cuba to the United States. Operation Pedro Pan was a clandestine effort of Cuban parents sending their children to the United States to escape the communist and totalitarian government of Fidel Castro. The first flight took off from Havana on December 26, 1960. After the U.S. broke diplomatic relations with Cuba on October of 1962 due to the Cuban Missile Crisis, the last "Pedro Pan" flight took off on October 22 of that year. During the two years of these freedom flights operated, around 14,000 of unaccompanied children were brought to the U.S. - the largest exodus of children in the Western hemisphere. Produced by Tony Leal