Picture of Book When reviewing the case studies respond to the the specific dilemmas using the ethical principles as a guide:


Autonomy -                   personal liberty of
                                    self determination and

Beneficence-                prevent evil or harm;
                                       safeguard the client 

Nonmalificience-         care provider should do
                                      no harm; avoid
                                     causing harm

Veracity -                     truth telling

Confidentiality-            respect privileged     

Justice-                       fairness, equity, and

 The Jessica Santillan's case. 
  Case Studies from Dr. Kate Callahan, RN:
 Huntington Consultant Firm
           Review by Dr. Kate Callahan
  Case Studies from Lynn Cravero,  RN, C.P.T.C
            Assistant Director 
                Organ Procurement Coordinator
                 University of
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  bulletQuestions from the guest book
Institute of Global Ethics Dilemmas
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