A 3D Virtual Campus


The Metaversity is a digital twin of MDC's physical grounds and buildings. In the Metaversity, students, faculty and visitors will have access to immersive and interactive experiences such as:

  • Virtual classes offering expanded flexibility and accessibility to MDC’s academic programs.
  • A more inclusive environment, allowing students from diverse backgrounds and geographic locations to collaborate and develop problem-solving skills.
  • 3D campus tours providing realistic experiences for remote learners.
  • A creative stimulus for the development of new teaching methods and technologies.



Madeline Pumariega. President of MDC

"We're preparing our graduates to thrive in a digital world where technology evolves by the minute. The Metaversity is a unique opportunity for MDC students, faculty and staff to create, explore and work within immersive experiences that can foster innovation and transform learning.”

Madeline Pumariega, Miami Dade College President.

How to Experience the Metaversity

MDC’s Learning Resources department will be providing tours and training on the Metaversity. Virtual Reality enhanced courses and academic labs in the metaverse will be available as soon as fall 2023. Check back soon for updates and scheduling information.

Contact Information

North Campus
Angel Hernandez
North - Miami Dade College - Learning Resources

West Campus
Orestes Cubas
West - Miami Dade College - Learning Resources

Wolfson Campus
Jhony E. Molina
Wolfson - Miami Dade College - Learning Resources