Project ACE - Accelerated Content-Based English

In 2008, the Padrón Campus of Miami Dade College received a Title V-grant from the U.S. Department of Education to develop accelerated courses in English for academic purposes. The resulting program, called Project ACE, uses content-based instruction to teach English as a second language. Content-based instruction is a curriculum design in which instructional material, learning tasks, and classroom technology used in the language classroom come from academic disciplines like psychology and biology.

The ultimate goal of Project ACE is to equip students with the language skills they need to continue their education or advance in the workforce.

Eligibility Criteria:
Project ACE is a fast-track English for Academic Purposes program for students with strong academic backgrounds. To be considered for admission into Project ACE, applicants must:

  • Be admissible as a student at Miami Dade College.
  • Place into the appropriate level of English for Academic Purposes.
  • Demonstrate commitment to complete Project ACE courses and have the time available to do so.
  • Provide evidence of academic achievement. (Learn more)
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