Prior Learning Assessment

Earn College Credit for Your Prior Learning

Credit-by-Exam (CBE)

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Students can shorten their time spent in school and save on tuition spent throughout their college career by taking any of a variety of tests that will allow them to receive college credit for prior learning up to 45 credit-by-exam credits may be awarded.

CLEP is designed to test students’ knowledge on a variety of college-level subjects. CLEP is made of questions chosen by faculty who set passing standards for college exams. There are 33 tests in 5 subject areas: composition and literature, science and mathematics, world languages, history and social sciences, and business.  The exams cover material taught in the first 2 years of college: “101” level material.

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These exams are funded for those in the military and their spouses, but can be taken for a nominal fee by anyone seeking to shorten their time in college and maximize their previous learning experience. There are 38 exams in 6 subject areas: business, humanities, math, physical science, social sciences, and technology. The exams are for both lower and upper division courses.

Find out more about the 38 exams available through DSST. Learn more about DSST at Miami-Dade College (MDC).

Excelsior College offers a number of exams soon to be known as UExcel Exams. These exams are designed to allow students to test out of certain subjects instead of taking a college course. The American Council on Education has approved these tests, which are assessed to be equal to the performance of college students enrolled in actual college courses. UExcel offers over 50 exams in 5 areas: business, nursing, humanities, natural sciences/mathematics, and social sciences/history.

Find out more about the UExcel Exams at the Excelsior College's website and on the MDC testing website.

Students who have been admitted to MDC are offered the opportunity to receive credit for departmental tests. Students must submit an application and be approved by the department to take these exams, and the credit received for the tests does not count towards calculating full or part-time student status.

Find out more information about MDC's Institutional Departmental Credit-by-Exams. For more information about various tests, visit MDC's testing website.

AP tests are given at the end of a high school AP course to test the students’ knowledge on a subject. The AP test score will determine whether a student receives college credit for their high school coursework. AP tests can be a great low cost way for a student to earn college credit before graduating from high school.

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The International Baccalaureate program is a global curriculum offered to students in various countries. These students may receive equivalency credit when transferring to a school in the US.

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