Smart Action Plan

Hello, Sharks! We are here to help and we want you to succeed!

You have landed on this page because you are registering to repeat a course at MDC.

Let's try something different…

Together, we will try a new approach to successful completion of the course and ensure you move forward with your studies.  We will start with identifying what really went wrong previously, and what you can do differently this time. Repeating the experience, both inside and outside of the class, in the same way, will not bring about a better result. We are asking you to think in a new way about what it takes to be successful in this course and work closely with us to seek support at MDC!

We can help you get started with this process, connect you with a variety of support services, and explore the best placement in terms of the course session and instructional delivery  â€“ in Person, MDC Live, Blended, or Online.

Follow These Steps to Get Help and Register for Your Class

Step 1: Complete the SMART Plan request below. 

SMART Plan Request

If you have any questions regarding the SMART Plan process or the Intake form, please contact Learning Resources at or call 305-237-8888.

Step 2: Monitor your email and/or phone for an appointment to complete the SMART Plan process and receive support from the campus where you are repeating the course/s.

Step 3: During your appointment, you will meet with the Department Chairperson or Department Advisor and develop strategies to be successful in your class using a My SMART Plan template.

Step 4: Keep studying and working hard! Be sure to attend follow-up appointments with the Department Chairperson or Department Advisor for your class and use the resources they recommend. You are MDC!